SEO : Optimizing your Joomla website for Google

Optimizing your Joomla website to conform to the most popular search engines is paramount. The core focus of your website is to provide you with a platform to promote and advertise your business, products and services. If your website is not optimized chances are that your potential clients will not find your information online.

Understanding how your website is looked at before it is indexed in pivotal, with more than 200 signals Google uses to review website key signals needs to be addressed before submitting your website to Google for indexing.

To name a few important ones: Meta title tags, Page descriptions, content and readability and domain age. Directing Google with a optimized sitemap will also assist in indexing your website and all its pages. You would also need to stay up to date with the Google guidelines to ensure that your website conforms.

This by itself can be a steep learning curve, with that said if you perhaps do not have the time to do this yourself or the budget to employ a dedicated SEO analyst. You could consider opting into a service agreement with a developer or SEO agency to ensure that your website is enjoying high visibility for the keyword best describing your business.

You can also strengthen your SEO infrastructure with a commercial SEO component that will help you manage your pages individually. Depending on your marketing strategy requirements you can contact one of our sponsors for a no obligation quote.

Looking at a standard SEO Maintenance plan

Keyword research
Configuring Keyword combinations for your website that best descries your business
Keyword Optimization
Ensuring that your keywords are well configured throughout your website, Page by Page
Onsite SEO
Conforming all meta tags and meta descriptions are optimized and relevant to website content
Submitting your site

Once all is in place submit your website to all the relevant search providers for indexing

Looking at Advance SEO Maintenance

Back links

Implementing a good backlink strategy to link back from relevant sites

Competition Research
Strategizing websites to conform with the highest ranked site for a specific keyword
Indepth analysis

Streamlining all pages and optimizing them individually for performance.

Google Alert Setup
Setting up custom alerts notifying you of new indexed keyword or combinations

Services Paramount to a good SEO strategy

Google Analytic Setup

Track, analyze and review conversions. monitor website traffic and much more

Google web master console
Manage your domain, submit and get direct information on how to improve your website performance

Advertising your business online will extend your reach as well as introduce your business to new markets and potential customers, making SEO or search engine optimization a priority is a must for any successful website owner.